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(most vegetable oils), polyunsaturated (soft margarines, Fat Extinguisher like Ω 3 and Ω 6 from seafood and nuts), or fully soaked (coconut oil, challenging margarines). The term "saturated" refers to Fat Extinguisher the kind of material connection (single or double) between the as well as and hydrogen atoms as well as how many hydrogen atoms are attached to these ties. When it comes to the arrangements of ties around a as well as atom, there is "cis" and "trans." Trans- prefix comes from the Latin importance "across". Cis- prefix also from the Latin importance "on the same part." The images below show a trans configuration on the left (the organic "atoms" are across from each other) and a Cis configuration on the right (the organic "atoms" are on the same part as each other). How are Trans Fat Extinguishers Created? Trans extra Fat Extinguisher are designed with hydrogen bubbles to sebum. This causes the sebum to become and stay powerful at 70 levels, developing them more "user friendly" for the process of getting biscuits, biscuits, doughnuts, and other foods that require long lifestyle span. This process of such as hydrogen to sebum to turn them from a liquid into an outstanding is known as "hydrogenation" and yields "partially hydrogenated oils" which are powerful in reliability. However, a bit of trans Fat Extinguisher are available, mainly in milk items products items, some various foods, and other animal-based foods. Hydrogenation enhances lifestyle span and flavor stability of foods containing trans extra Fat Extinguisher. Most trans extra Fat Extinguisher can be seen in vegetable shortenings, some

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