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xenoestrogens. How to prevent Xenoestrogens? Here is a very partial list of drugs which have been labeled as 'xenoestrogens': Parabens - seen in personal servicing techniques, lotions. E127 (Erythrosine) - used as red meals coloring. Phthalates - used as plasticizers in nasty storage containers, meals wrapping foils and any other nasty products such as toys, storage containers, tupperware etc... DEHP - another PVC plasticizer. Propyl gallate - anti-oxidant used in oil production. PCB's - used in glues, paint and lubricants. Atrazine - used as herbicide. Pentachlorophenol - used as wood preservative and pesticide. ulti power testo boost Nonylphenol - seen in surfactants, detergents, bug fumigations and emulsifiers. Hexachlorocyclohexane and heptachlor - seen in bug fumigations. TSP - Tri-sodium phosphates seen in cleaning detergents and fabric softeners. Some medicines also contain xenoestrogens. Medications are not 100% absorbed by the personal whole body meaning that anywhere between 10%-40% of the medicines can get to the waterways and pollute the weather and our meals. They are: OCP (oral contraceptive pill) Premarin Cimetidine HRT Progesterone lotions with parabens (methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben) Creams and lotions can be absorbed by the skin and enter our circulation. Dr. Eckhart MD, warns that an ingredient delivered topically via the skin equals 10 times an oral quantity. He also cautions that caffeinated drinks seen in tea, coffee, colas and other coffee potentiates excess estrogen within your whole personal whole body by as much as 70%. Therefore be mindful of your coffee and cola consumption. How to enhance sterility by avoiding xenoestrogens? Stick to a simple rule! Eat only organically grown meals. Use natural personal servicing techniques, beauty products and household cleaning products. Avoid nasty, don't store meals in nasty storage containers - use glass instead. Avoid canned meals (cans are lined with nasty inside). Avoid teflon cookware and use cast-iron cookware. Avoid commercial bug fumigations and herbicides. Drink and shower in filtered regular normal water only. Avoid dairy as diary is designed from creatures breasts dairy which is loaded with estrogens regardless if natural or non-organic. Non-organic dairy has even more estrogens due to

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