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These fibers make up the middle cerebella peduncle (MCP) and are the major physical connection of the cerebellum to the brain stem ([link]). Two other white matter bundles connect the cerebellum to the other regions of the brain stem. The superior cerebella peduncle is the connection of the cerebellum to the midbrain and forebrain. The inferior cerebella Neurovarium peduncle is the connection to the medulla. The connections to the cerebellum are the three cerebella peduncles, which are close to each other. The ICP arises from the medulla—specifically from the inferior olive, which is visible as a bulge on the ventral surface of the brain stem. The MCP is the ventral surface of the puns. The SCP projects into the midbrain. These connections can also be broadly described by their functions. The ICP conveys sensory input to the cerebellum, partially from the spinocerebellar tract, but also through fibers of the inferior olive. The MCP is part of the cortico-ponto-cerebellar pathway that connects the cerebral cortex with the cerebellum and preferentially targets the lateral regions of the cerebellum. It includes a copy of the motor commands sent from the precentral gyros through the corticospinal tract, arising from collateral branches that synapse in the gray matter of the puns, along with input from other regions such as the visual cortex. The SCP is the major output of the cerebellum, divided between the red nucleus in the midbrain and the thalamus, which will return cerebella processing to the motor cortex. These connections describe a circuit that compares motor commands and sensory feedback to generate a new output. These comparisons make it possible to coordinate movements. If the cerebral cortex sends a motor command to initiate walking, that command is copied by the puns and sent into the cerebellum through the MCP. Sensory feedback in the form of proprioception from the spinal cord, as well as vestibular sensations from the inner ear, enters through the ICP.

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